New Webinar: How To Create A Million Dollar Group Practice

Monday, December 10 (10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, Noon Central, 1 pm Eastern)

New Webinar: How To Create A Million Dollar Group Practice

Join us for this informative webinar where we show you what you need to do to make more money while working less with more time for fun and family. Joe and Casey will share the key ingredients and steps to create YOUR Million Dollar Group Practice:

  • Manifesting a fabulous Group Practice starts with a clear vision! We’ll discuss why this is, and how to get started.
  • Niching and branding – how will you differentiate from your colleagues/competitors? How can you become irresistible to your ideal clients?
  • You’re the CEO of your Group Practice! That’s why you need a ‘CEO Dashboard’ of key metrics – to make excellent business decisions and stay on track as you steadily progress toward your ultimate goals
  • It’s Marketing that drives your Group Practice to 7 figures! So you need to know how to keep generating more and more referrals
  • You’re not only the CEO – you’re also the General Manager AND the Coach! How to go about building your team: Finding, hiring, and mentoring the right people (Yes!)
  • Profit! After all this work, how much is left for you? Many Group Practice owners make crucial mistakes in their compensation model.
  • Systems are the oil for your Group Practice engine to keep things humming along smoothly. Developing efficient systems reduces feelings of overwhelm and makes managing the practice so much easier. (Imagine! Getting an hour or two back a day!)
  • Group Practice culture can make or break your success! If you don’t take charge of it, it will create itself.  (If you are struggling with staffing issues, this might be the place you want to look first!)
  • Redundancy – a fancy word for a critical business principle to make sure you have enough people and systems in place to handle the unexpected.
  • Feel isolated? Keeping all those balls in the air requires a great deal of emotional and technical support! You will quickly burn your spouse out if you don’t make support a top priority – from people who understand exactly what you’re going through every day! You need your own “network of support.”

New Webinar: How To Create A Million Dollar Group Practice

Who are we and why should you listen to us?


Joe Bavonese, PhD

Joe has been running a Group Practice since 1999, and currently has 26 associates working in 3 locations. He developed the first program exclusively designed for therapists in Group Practice in 2009, and since then has coached hundreds of Group Practice owners. Joe has also presented on Private Practice and Group Practice growth strategies at 18 national conferences, including the American Psychological Association; Psychotherapy Networker, and the California Psychological Association.


Casey Truffo, LMFT

Casey founded Be A Wealthy Therapist in 2004 and has reached over 75,000 therapists on 5 continents with her coaching, conferences, and writings. She has written 3 books; her latest is titled “From Clinician to Confident CEO.” Casey also runs a group practice in OC California – currently with 2 locations. Her passion is helping group practice owners create more profit and better systems to make running their business more fun and much easier.

New Webinar: How To Create A Million Dollar Group Practice