We know exactly how this feels. We have been there.

Hi! We are Joe Bavonese and Casey Truffo – two business coaches who are also group practice owners with multiple locations. We both realized that with a group practice, we could help many more people than we could by ourselves. In different states – and Joe with contractors and Casey with employees – our group practices have helped thousands struggling with life and relationship issues.
And we have helped hundreds of solo practitioners around the country just like you successfully build Group Practices by helping them create easy to implement systems, find great clinicians to hire, and set fees so that the group practice is profitable from the start. Don’t go it alone. Let us help you navigate the myriad challenges of creating a smooth-running, profitable Group Practice.

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes.

Get your group practice started on the right foot.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Announcing: Our New ADVANCED ADDING CLINCIANS Mentorship
for new (or soon-to-be-new) group practice owners who are ready to…

Help More People. Be Profitable from the Start.

If you want less stress, fewer money worries, more profit, and a happier team, join business coaches and group practice owners, Joe Bavonese and Casey Truffo for this innovative mentorship program.

Join Joe, and Casey, and like-minded group practice owners from all over the country for the Advanced Adding Clinicians Mentorship Program.

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Here is what our Advanced Adding Clinicians Mentorship Program can do for you

We will help you to get your Group Practice off the ground in an efficient, focused and profitable manner:

  • Show you exactly how to apply key concepts and strategies from the Adding Clinicians program to your unique situation
  • Clarify your precise Business Model and Compensation Plan
  • Identify which systems you need to run the practice efficiently, so it doesn’t run you!
  • Identify ways to hire clinical and admin staff who are excited to be part of your team – and then create a compelling work culture that people love to be part of
  • Identify and move past limiting beliefs (Yes, we all have them)
  • Get answers to every question you’ve ever had about growing your Group Practice, from people who have done this for over 15 years
  • End feelings of isolation by joining a phenomenal ‘network of support’ – and get honest, compassionate feedback from colleagues who totally understand what you’re dealing with every day

In joining this program you will join the graduates of our previous mentorships who have

  • Great systems that make their lives easier
  • More profit in the bank – payroll is easy to meet!
  • Less feelings of overwhelm
  • More understanding of setting priorities and what to do next
  • Ability to see fewer therapy clients if they wish
  • More time for leisure and family


This is an ongoing mentorship for the new (or soon to be new) Group Practice owner who wants training, and monthly group accountability and support to increase revenues, improve systems, decrease stress and enhance the fun and increase profit. There is a 6-month minimum commitment.

TWO Monthly Group Coaching Calls – Work through stuck spots – stay on track – move forward. (Second Monday of the month at 9 am Pacific — Noon Eastern)

The program also includes monthly coaching calls with Joe and Casey – which includes both teaching segments followed by Q&A.

  • Get your questions answered,
  • Stay motivated
  • Consult and share challenges and successes with like-minded peers.
  • Hear from guests with extremely large or profitable group practices who will share their ideas, and brainstorm with you on your challenges.

2-Day Live Event (Past participants have said this event was worth an entire year of membership)

  • For two days we will get together for in-person training, personal feedback, motivation, and FUN in March
  • Join us live in sunny, southern California for a 2-day live event just for this mentorship.
  • We will have two full days to to put your Action Plan on steroids. We just completed one of these Live Events for another advanced program, and the results have been nothing short of amazing, in terms of the energy generated; the flow of ideas; and most importantly, creating a concrete plan of Action and implementing it right away
  • Learn what Joe and Casey do about their stuck places and what is working/not working for them. You’ll get any current strategies, systems and marketing ideas that Joe and Casey are implementing.
  • Attendance at this live event will only be for people in this mentorship. There is no extra charge for this event. However, you will be responsible for your travel, hotel and food expenses.

“Integrity Day”

  • Quarterly you are invited to join Casey and your peers for an ‘Integrity Day.’ The Integrity Day is a one-day virtual event – where you step away from seeing clients for the day – to make significant progress on all those ‘to do’ items on your list that you never seem to have time for.
  • Here is how the Integrity Day works
  • At the beginning of the day, we will check in together and set our objectives for the morning.
  • Just before lunch, we will check in to report progress and set our goals for the afternoon.
  • At the end of the day, we will do a final check-in and cheer for each member’s successes!
  • Past participants have used the Integrity Day to document their systems, make progress on their marketing plan, and create their ‘CEO Dashboard.’

Personalized Google Ads Campaign Review

  • Get customized marketing help to fill up your therapists’ caseloads: For those of you using Google Ads, Joe will do a thorough review of your campaign, and give you specific feedback on how to optimize your campaign and improve your conversions (and usually save you a lot of money – because Google LOVES to sneak in default features that simply waste your money)

Just Starting to use Google Ads?

  • For anyone interested in starting to use Google Ads, Joe will meet with you privately and help you setup a successful Google Ad campaign.

Personalized Profit and Loss Review.

  • Receive a personalized review of your Profit and Loss statement by Casey and her husband Bob, an accountant with 45 years of experience reviewing P&Ls (this is a unique benefit of this program that you cannot get anywhere else – AND it will save you hours of frustration, in addition to finally getting a crystal-clear view of your practice’s financial situation)
  • Casey and Bob will help you identify how well your practice is doing financially and identify potential areas to improve profit or reduce expenses.

Training in how to use our proprietary Group Practice Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Our unique Group Practice Tracking Spreadsheet will help you understand how well your group practice is doing – month to month. Learn exactly how much your additional clinicians need to bill in order for you to meet your profit objectives.

11 Time Management Principles by Joe Bavonese.

You may not know this, but Joe Bavonese is a Productivity Ninja. He is gifting all participants in this program with his new productivity course. Here is what he says about it:

“Group Practice owners often struggle with staying organized and productive, with all the diverse tasks they must attend to every day. Because of all the activities, both personal and work-related, that I do every day and week, I’ve had to master time management. I been studying and implementing the best strategies for getting the most done every day, and will share with you my top 11 Time Management principles that you can easily implement in your own life.”

From Independent Contractor to Employee by Casey Truffo.

The Dynamex Supreme Court decision in California now makes it very difficult if not impossible for CA group practice owners to have independent contractors on staff. But how do you convert your contractors to employees? This pre-recorded class was created to give you a lot of information as to how to do that – from how to pay them to how to navigate the conversation in ways that will maintain your culture.

That said, it is not legal advice so you will hear me suggest contacting an employment attorney for any legal questions.

In this program, we cover:
  • Compensation models: Flat fee vs percentage.
  • Calculating what you really can afford to pay – so you don’t end up paying too much.
  • A structure (and sample spreadsheet) you can use when discussing the change with your clinicians.
  • How to set up your payroll process.
  • My attorney will be on one of the calls to answer our legal questions.
  • How to handle complaints re the transition …and much more.

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What kinds of results can you expect?

Like most things, you get back what you put in. But let us share what some of our past graduates have achieved:

  • Our last graduated, on average, increased their income in ONE year by  44%. This means if you are generating $400,000 of income this year, your could potentially bring in an addtional $176,000 next year!
  • Another graduate was able to recover over $10,000 in past billings
  • Several graduates opened new locations – setting them up to generate tens of thousands of additional revenue
  • Others created systems and hired admin support which, for one graduate, resulted in a 59% improvement in converting callers to clients.


$500 one-time, enrollment fee and 6 monthly payments of $499 for a total of $3,494. After 6 months, you can stay in the program as long as you like, on a month-to-month basis, for a monthly fee of $499.

The fine print:

  • This mentorship program is not a drop-in program. You are committing at least 6 consecutive. Our goal is to help you start and prepare to build the Group Practice you really want and not ‘quit before the miracle.’ And what we as business owners know is that building a Group Practice is a marathon – not a sprint. There are no ‘quickie’ ways to long-term success. We are ready to partner with you – shoulder to shoulder with individualized feedback to help you build the business you want. We want you to be successful, so we are only taking people who are motivated and ready to move their business to the next level. No refunds will be granted.
  • All group calls will be recorded so you can listen and learn again and again.
  • Participants will be accepted by application and interview only.

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Our experience makes the difference. Let us show you the path to less overwhelm, more profit and more time with your family.


Joe Bavonese, PhD

Joe has been running a Group Practice since 1999, and currently has 26 associates working in 3 locations. He developed the first program exclusively designed for therapists in Group Practice in 2009, and since then has coached hundreds of Group Practice owners. Joe has also presented on Private Practice and Group Practice growth strategies at 18 national conferences, including the American Psychological Association; Psychotherapy Networker, and the California Psychological Association.


Casey Truffo, LMFT

Casey founded Be A Wealthy Therapist in 2004 and has reached over 75,000 therapists on 5 continents with her coaching, conferences, and writings. She has written 3 books; her latest is titled “From Clinician to Confident CEO.” Casey also runs a group practice in OC California – currently with 2 locations. Her passion is helping group practice owners create more profit and better systems to make running their business more fun and much easier.

Imagine it is one year from now. Where will you be?

This is your fork in the road. You have two choices. You can continue as you have. Or you can join us and get the teaching, support, and help to learn what you don’t know.

It is up to you. What will you do?

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